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Our Services

Our experts are trained and certified to provide the services below

Testing, adjusting, & balancing

Air and hydronic balancing for commercial HVAC systems to ensure proper airflow, temperature, and pressure throughout your facility. Ensure your systems meet the design specifications.

Systems Analysis &
Energy Optimization

Analysis study of existing HVAC systems to balance air flow in your facility and identify/capture energy saving opportunities. 

Duct Air Leakage Testing

Assessment of airflow in installed ductwork to minimize leakage and energy loss. Offered for both commercial and residential applications.

Pressure Testing

Pressure testing for hospitals, cleanrooms, laboratories and other high-sensitivity environment for the safety of your patients, employees, and occupants. Our procedures and documentation meet or exceed the requirements for The Joint Commission and ASHRAE 170 standards.

Fume Hoods

Testing, certification, calibration, and balancing of fume hoods for hospitals, laboratories, manufacturers, universities, and schools. Our procedures and documentation meet or exceed the requirements for ASHRAE 110 and Department of Public Health Standards.


Cleanroom testing for manufacturers of pharmaceutical, life science, medical device, and other products. Our procedures and documentation meet or exceed the requirements for any International Organization for Standardization (ISO) classification.

Fire & Smoke Control Testing

Inspection and testing of fire and smoke dampers in accordance with National Fire Protection Association and insurance carrier standards. Per NFPA 80 and 105, fire and smoke dampers need to be inspected at installation, 1 year after installation, and then every 4 years (6 years for hospitals).

Sound & Vibration

Mechanical noise control, industrial noise management, and assessment and mitigation to meet Noise and Room Criteria curves. 

System Commissioning

Confirm that a facility's mechanical systems are installed, calibrated and performing as specified. Our team will work with all parties involved in a mechanical systems project to identify technical issues and develop solutions.

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