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Elite technical expertise.

Top notch service.

TAB Services Company is the largest and most experienced provider of testing, adjusting and balancing services in the Rocky Mountain region.

We independently ensure your critical facility systems are performing as they are designed to.


HVAC Testing & Balancing

We are the largest and most experienced balancer in the Rocky Mountain region. Our certified and trained experts keep your facility occupants safe and comfortable.

Fume Hoods & Cleanrooms

Fume hoods and cleanrooms require initial calibration and periodic testing to maintain ISO certifications. Our technicians have the training and equipment to test that your systems are functioning as designed.

Fire & Smoke Control

Fire dampers minimize air flow and prevent the spread of fumes in the event of a fire. Our team is certified and trained to test and calibrate your fire damper systems in accordance with guidance from the National Fire Protection Agency.

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